Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cremaster Cycle U.S. Theatrical Release This Spring

It turns out the Cremaster Cycle / De Lama Lamina screenings in Seattle that we previously reported are part of a wider theatrical release of Matthew Barney's films via International Film Circuit. The films are currently slated to be screened in four U.S. cities: Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, and Boston. International Film Circuit's web site has more information on the venues and dates. After opening in these cities, the Cremaster Cycle will tour across the country over the summer and fall. If you are interested in hosting the films, rental rates (35mm prints) are surprisingly reasonable, starting at $500 per film.

Cremaster Fanatics should note that Matthew Barney will appear for a Q&A session at the screening at the IFC Film Center in New York on May 19 [Note: The date has been changed -- Barney will now be speaking after the 7 pm screening of Cremaster 4 and 5 on May 20]. Also, sadly, the press release states that the, "Epic Masterwork is Not Now Nor Will it Ever be Available on DVD".

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Drawing Restraint in Basel this June.

The Schaulager in Basel, Switzerland will host an exhibition related to Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint series from June 12 - October 3. The exhibition, titled Prayer Sheet With the Wound and the Nail is curated by Barney collaborator Neville Wakefield. It will include 16 sculptures, as well as drawings, videos, and a "Drawing Restraint Archive" which has recently been acquired by the Laurenz Foundation. Wakefield says these artworks will be juxtaposed with 15th and 16th century prints to, "draw parallels, not only with the trials and tribulations of mark-making, but with Christian iconography and Matthew's representation of the body in extremis." The web site for the exhibition includes video excerpts from Drawing Restraint 2, 7, and 11.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cremaster Cycle and De Lama Lamina Screenings in Seattle

Cremaster Fanatic Julianna informed us that De Lama Lamina and the entire Cremaster Cycle are going to be screened at the SIFF Cinema in Seattle from April 9-15. You can see the screening schedule and buy tickets HERE. For true fanatics, there will be a marathon screening of all five Cremaster films and De Lama Lamina on Sunday, April 11.