Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Matthew Barney Performance Tonight in Basel, Switzerland

Matthew Barney will be performing at the Basel Theater in Basel, Switzerland tonight, Thursday, and Friday at 8:30 PM as part of Philippe Parreno and Hans Ulrich Obrist's Il Tempo Postino. The Art Newspaper informs us that contrary to prior reports, Barney will not be performing Guardian of the Veil (his contribution to the original Il Tempo Postino in Manchester, England): "Instead he is creating a new work made in collaboration with the composer Jonathan Bepler, who has worked closely with Barney on his Cremaster Cycle films. 'The car that was in Matthew’s Manchester piece got shredded in a performance in Los Angeles and so it cannot be repeated,' reveals Hans Ulrich Obrist. 'His new piece will be much more in the realm of 15 minutes long and although it is still related to the earlier work, he is developing something more to do with the idea of a musical score.'”

We hope any Cremaster Fanatics in Basel will send us their photographs and reviews of the show.

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