Saturday, June 13, 2009

Matthew Barney + Elizabeth Peyton Blood of Two Opens 6 AM, June 16

A press release from Gavin Brown's Enterprise announces that Matthew Barney's collaborative exhibition with Elizabeth Peyton Blood of Two will be launched with a "delivery of the artwork" at 6 AM on Tuesday, June 16. Judging from the above photographs and the exhibition's location on the Greek Isle of Hydra, we can only imagine that the work is going to be "delivered" from the depths of the sea... It's definitely going to be worth waking up early if you are in this part of Greece!

The exhibition will be held in the DESTE Foundation's new project space, which used to be the island's slaughterhouse but which will now hold annual exhibitions. The Matthew Barney + Elizabeth Peyton exhibition will run through September 30.

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