Sunday, May 1, 2011

Drawing Restraint 17 Premier

Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint 17 had its North American premier yesterday at the San Francisco International Film Festival (Barney was on hand to receive the SFIFF's Golden Gate Persistence of Vision Award). The film was shot at the Schaulager museum in Basel, Switzerland (which hosted Barney's 2010 Prayer Sheet With The Wound And The Nail exhibition) and features similar imagery to other films in the Drawing Restraint series. However, unlike the other DR films, it features several split-screen sequences and introduces a female protagonist (played by rock climber Emily Harrington) who scales the modernist architecture of the Scahulager. According to the SFIFF's web site, "Barney portrays an artist supervising the construction of a sculpture made from rotting wood beams, while on the fecund bucolic grounds of the exurban Goetheanum, a blonde woman tills worm-rich soil before embarking on a picturesque tram ride to the museum, where she engages in a dizzying interaction."

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