Thursday, October 25, 2007

Matthew Barney in W Magazine

The current issue of W Magazine (subtitled The Art Issue) has a photo essay by curator Neville Wakefield documenting a five-month transatlantic ocean voyage he, Matthew Barney, and a four-man crew made last winter (Yes, that's Matthew puking his guts out above) from Gibralter to New York City.

Wakefield writes, "Setting sail from Gibralter we passed through the straights and, taking advantage of prevailing winds, headed in a southwesterly direction via the Canaries and Cape Verde Islands before crossing to Barbados and ultimately on to New York. In the unfamiliar conditions of constant instability, the simplest tasks became problematic and facilities taken for granted are taken away. These experiences were common to all. But it was in a series of actions and drawings made by Matthew along the way that they found their most vivid realization."

The article reproduces a number of the drawings Barney made on the trip, including some drawn using fish and others made while encumbered by various restraints. I've posted some of the best photos of Barney from the magazine, others are online at


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in the catalogue this pictures are published in the "DR-15"-chapter.

also, on the next spring this exhibition will be at the kunstahalle wien, austria.

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